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The name of our community comes from the teachings of Jesus to express God’s love at all times by choosing new creative responses to the brokenness in our own lives, and the brokenness we find in the world. This means we are always looking for the third option in a world of violence and withdrawal.


1536 W Minnehaha Ave, St Paul, MN 55104
We meet together on Sundays to participate together in worship, prayer, sharing, communion, and teaching. Elementary age children join us for worship and sharing, then go for a teaching and prayer time together. Childcare is also provided for younger kids during the meeting.


Kids are an important part of our community and family. They are a gift to us and a reminder of the mystery, creativity, and life that is God. Early Childhood kids are cared for during our worship time staffed with 2 people. Our elementary aged kids join us in the Sunday Meeting during the singing and then they go to a class of their own. It includes a lesson and craft!


We choose to be in community with each other in between Sundays. We gather in 3 regional house churches in Frogtown, Midway, and Selby Dale. Each group is led by a teacher, organizer, and host. At these groups you will find covenanted members, practicing members, and guests.